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Invoice Booster

We provide all the necessary ingredients to structure your invoices so that they contain the right buzzwords, terms & conditions and interactivity. This will get your invoice noticed, keeping it at the top of the accounts pile so your business gets paid quicker!

Invoice Claims & Invoice Booster

Next Generation & Cutting Edge Invoice Building

Sending your business customers a professional and dynamic invoice which updates in real-time to reflect number of days until payment is due and accruing daily interest and charges will certainly keep your business customers on their toes!
Automated Email & Payment Reminders - Enhance your payment collection with our automated email notification system that sends consistent reminders at the optimal time before payment is due, improving your chances of timely payments.
Automated Email & Payment Reminders
Our automated email notification system follows up with automatic payment reminders at regular consistent intervals at the best time of day before payment is due to further boost your chances of getting paid.
The Invoice Claims platform also has additional features to help satisfy you, the user, as well as keeping your business relationships healthy...

Automated Statement of Account Monthly Updates

Early Payment Discount Rewards Incentive

Balance Outstanding Notifications

Post-Payment Thank You Responses


Why Should You Choose Invoice Booster?

Enjoy dynamic and completely custom Invoice building and billing with Invoice Booster. Get ahead of the game and stay there with our cutting edge builder with the following features and more...









Terms and




Software Integration

Integrated with Leading Accounting Software

Our software credit system integrates with most major accounting software making it super easy to transfer all invoices including late paid invoices and overdue invoices in a matter of seconds. All invoices are then organised into a simple invoice ledger and automatically calculated to include late fees.




Payment Price
Payment Chance
Invoice Discounting

Providing Incentive for Companies to Pay on Time

Discounting feature enables users to reduce the rate of the overall invoice amount which is time sensitive to incentivise business payers to make early or on-time payments to help improve your cashflow.

Customise Invoices

Create Stylish & Sleek Invoices

Customise the design of the invoice to suit your company's style pack, change the colour scheme to keep it in unison with the rest of your documentation and add your logo along and images of your product(s).
Invoice Booster

Free Invoice Building Software

Use Invoice Booster
Scoring System

Unique Invoice Claims Reliability Score

Invoice booster score checker is a dynamic gauging system which updates in real-time to reflect your business customers historic pay performance. The weaker the score, the poorer the invoice payment performance which aims to encourage customers to pay early or on time to better their score.
Terms & Conditions

Custom & Tailored Terms and Conditions

Users can select the terms and conditions which is set to statutory late payment terms and is dynamically linked to the Bank of England Interest Rate and updates in real-time to act as a deterrent for business customers deliberately paying late and harming your businesses cash flow.

Payment Methods

Integrated With Various Payment Methods

Accept all major international credit, debit cards and payment rails for faster payments in most major currencies. Business Customers can pay directly from their emails.
Live Updates

Track an Invoice Status using our Live Dashboard

When the invoice is opened for the first time by your business customer it generates an automated email response which is sent to your inbox directly and updates live on your dashboard.
Comprehensive Invoice Activity Tracking - Stay informed of your invoice status with tracking of when and how many times it was viewed, providing a complete record of activity for future reference.
Tracking Where & When
Know exactly when an invoice was viewed and the number of times it is viewed. This will provide a comprehensive record of activity in case of future escalations.
Automated Time Stamping for Prompt Payment - Encourage prompt payment with an automated time stamp showing the date and time an invoice was viewed, visible publicly until the invoice is paid. Once payment is received, the invoice is marked as Paid in Full.
Actioning A Viewed Invoice
An automated time stamp containing date and time is also published which is then visible publicly until the invoice is paid to politely incentivise prompt payment. Once the invoice is paid it is marked as “Paid in Full.”
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